The Cloakroom by Tim Kenny



" The Cloakroom" is a two act Black comedy/drama for two women. Set in the cloakroom of the Coldwell Sports Hall to which no one seems to come; Edie is the encumberent attendant. Here she has made a cosy home in which she quietly studies to "better" herself. Her world is suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of the younger dysfunctional Daisy slipstreaming bad language and unintended comedy. Edie is completely taken aback when Daisy announces that she is in fact the holiday relief, a situation that comes as a complete, and unwelcome, surprise to Edie.

As the play unfolds it becomes apparent that the two women have much in common- not the least with the absent Sports Hall owner Jack Coldwell. Funny, farcical and blunt, the play reveals its sinister side as both women struggle for supremacy. The laughter we share with the characters slowly fades in this cloakroom from hell.


Tim Kenny is also the author of the award winning short play " The Fox" to be found on the one act plays website;




The Pleasure Halls by Christine Emmert


This PreRaphaelite love story for 2 males and 2 females is set in Victorian England, a stylish period piece plots the love entaglement of two men- Henry an artist and Victor, the son of privilige.

Henry saves a young woman, Caitlin, from a river and she becomes his model. This action sets in motion a chain of events which sees Henry and Victor examining their pasts, each struggling with complex emotional and sexually charged experiences. Caitlin has a captivating allure and the concept of "The Pleasure Halls "- a fantasy invented by the boys in adolescence- looms tantilisingly. Yet the catalytic Caitlin has a husband who reclaims her. Caitlin submits in order to aviod a scandal. Henry`s seduction of Anne ( Victor`s fiance ) complicates events as Caitlin returns; each character must access his or her willingness to take joy at the expense and sorrow of others.

A dramatic Victorian love story brimming with the customs and attitudes of the era.




Becoming Craig by Christine Emmert


This is a powerful and fascinating work dedicated by the author, Christine Emmert, to "visionaries of past, present and future who lead a difficult life because their pathway is unmarked"

Becoming Craig is a deep, beautifully written and intensley rewarding piece of work for a single actor which relates the story of a respected theatre visionary and actor Edward Gordon Craig, the son of Ellen Terry. He was considered a man much ahead of his time pioneering the value of lighting and the hitherto untapped power of abstract sets.

" I was one of the impossibles....the impossibles are the impenitent independents: the true rebels- they who come to rebel because they are born to do so" Edward Gordon Craig.




The following are a selection of plays by Steve Black:






How well does one person really know another? When one young woman discovers her boyfriend in bed with her best friend a once strong relationshipis severly tested...but there is a twist, a scary twist. This play is not suitable for audiences under 16 or those who are easily offended. A drama for two women actors.


The Cell


War is a terrible thing. Families are affected in many different ways. When two sisters are captured for interrogation and are seperated the fear and hopelessness of it all is overwhelming, especially when one sister isn`t as bright as her years and knows little of what is happening. This is a powerful and disturbing story of the ravages and compexities of war and the love of one sister for another.



The Dining Chair


You never know who you might meet or where! When a harrassed female journalist decides to take the week-end out of the city and visit the coast she stumbles across an unusual and apparently totally opposite female character living off the land and the sea. But everything isn`t quite what it seems.




Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey by Brian Langtry



A drama for 3 women and 1 man. Running time Act 1 50 mins Act 2 45 mins.


A dark and threatening thriller. Susan and David Sinnet, both in their early 40`s, are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and cracks are beginning to show. Some years earlier they had acted as foster parents for a Local Authority. Sally, now 23 years and fostered as a teenager by the Sinnets for a period of some 4 years, appears out of the blue and is welcomed by Susan with open arms. What is not immediately apparent, but becomes so subsequently, is that Sally, now calling herself Rhianan, is a troubled and vengeful girl driven by a desire to seek retribution. She carries dark secrets, which she unfolds for a terrified Susan. The plot thickens as physical violence enters the arena but is Rhianan seeking the ultimate retribution or is there another explanation for her actions and, perhaps more importantly, where will it all end?