Mid-Air Murders by Brian Langtry


A group of English academics travel with a Russian entrepreneur in his own private airbus in order to set up a deal for their university. Their aim is to have sole access to the rapidly expanding Russian market for management education.
All is not what it seems and the secrets of the characters emerge with deadly intent. Who is behind the series of suspicious deaths? It could be anyone of them!
This play has two sets; act 1 is set in the airbus interior and set 2 in a hotel in St. Petersburg.


Both of these plays are now published by Jasper Publications. For all details access:






Watercolour Weekend by Brian Langtry


The action takes place over the course of a weekend in a country hotel where an unlikely group of painting aficionados gather to attend a course tutored by Monsieur Penisse a man, according to M. Penisse, of impeccable artistic eminence and credentials.
Hints that not all may be as it appears build throughout the play; each character offering clues, some genuine, some misleading, of mystery and intrigue. Ultimately of course all is revealed.

The mysterious underpinnings are full of humour and hilarity as the individualistic bunch of people begin to get to know each other and to interact. This is a comedy/mystery both in the verbal sense and offers strong roles and dialogue for both male and female players along with immense scope for creative direction and production.
This is a play for 5 men and 5 women with a single stage set. The play unfolds via two Acts and two scenes per Act and runs for approximately 1 hour 50 minutes


Fur Elise


A black comedy in Two Acts by:


Tim Kenny


The set is a living room in a middle class house


Elise is dead and is lying in the funeral home awaiting cremation. Edmund, the gay embalmer of the funeral home is a tennant in the basement of the house in which Elise lived with her husband, Dennis. Two weeks before she died, Elise won the premium bonds. Edmund proposes that he and Dennis should go on a cruise to`cheer him up`. But things are not what they seem. Fortunes bring many skeletons out of the closet, not least of which are those who know something of Dennis` violent past. There have also been two local murders in which Dennis could be implicated. And then there`s Alma, the beautician across the street, who has taken a strong fancy to Dennis. In the chaos of blackmail and skulduggery, the question remains: was Elise killed for her money?


A very funny play with some adult humour and ghoulish references about embalming. ` Fur Elise ` is for 5 men and 3 women but one male part, a vicar, can be played by a woman.