Leonardo: by Steve Black


This is a manic comedy set in the studio of the 18th. century painter Leonardo Di Crappio. His life is a constant source of upheaval to all those who know him and we discover an artist who has been reduced to painting portraits of the wealthy and noble in order to stave off ruination. His monthly wine bill alone necessitates at least 3 portraits or commissions! His long suffering servant, Codpiece, struggles unselfishly to support and encourage his Master through this time of trouble and loss of inspiration. Out of the blue amidst the turmoil of depression, arrives a beautiful and mysterious model. Could this be the solution to Leonardo's tribulations? Of course not!

This is a comedy with a running time of 1 hour 30 minutes for 5 women and 2 men.
The stage set is an artist's studio with all its paraphernalia.


Leonardo 2. The Brush strikes Back! by Steve Black


Having survived the first debacle Leonardo returns to paint another day. Not much has changed for him, he is still in debt, still drinking too much and is still surrounded by idiots. However, forces are at work and The Duke has to be met and convinced that nude paintings are not a thing of depravity but a thing of beauty and goodness, especially in the case if the Duke's very beautiful daughter who Leonardo has his eye on! There are many threads and references in this sequel to the original play and could not be staged out of sequence.

A comedy for 3 men and 4 women.


Stuff the Turkey: by Steve Black

A comic look at Christmas as we all know it to be! Christmas is with us again and the family gathers for the ubiquitous Christmas lunch. Presents under the tree, whiffs of cooking turkey meander from the kitchen, a quiet sherry is taken before the onslaught. The guests arrive, the teenagers are quickly bored, granddad accepts the offer of a drink, then another, then another! Grandma expresses her disapproval, mum and dad begin to feel fractious as the bonhomie disintegrates and old wounds are quickly and inevitably prized open. The long lost brother arrives, it was unexpected and unwanted but in this season of goodwill he brings a burning unreciprocated desire to repair long soured relationships. In the best Christmas traditions of the day cannot end soon enough.

This is a great seasonal comedy for 5 men and 4 females and it runs for 1 hour 5 minutes.
Stuff the Turkey provides the vehicle for an alternative seasonal evening by combining a staging of the play and possibly a celebratory buffet/meal afterwards. The perfect way to end your theatrical year!


The Turkeys Revenge:by Steve Black


Following on from Stuff the Turkey the following year the specter of the Turkey is back again. More fun and mayhem and more Christmas day memorabilia.


Glossy: by Steve Black


A fashion magazine appoints a new young, seductive and attractive fashion editor. There are repercussions amongst the existing staff as she sweeps through the doors fresh from Andalucia in a haze of simpering sexuality clearly intent on taking no prisoners- particularly of the female kind! But is all what it seems? The team camera man seems to recognise her- but where from? Plotting and sub-plotting abound in this hilarious magazine spoof providing ' guaranteed ' humour with a hint of mystery!

This is a production for 7 people; 3 men and 4 women.

The Boyle Family: by William Fisher and Brian




Running time 1hr. 25 mins: 2men ( 50 and 30 years ) and 3 women ( 50,30,70 yrs )

You`ve seen the Royal Family now meet the bizarre Boyles! A two- act play, the first set in the lounge of the Boyle family home, the second on the beach at Llandudno in Wales where Dot Boyle hopes that she and her husband, Ivor, will rekindle the little things in their marriage that have been neglected. Grandma ( Nanny ) is reluctant to consider an old persons home, Sandy is heavily pregnant, Dot continues to keep things together, Dennis is just plain Dennis and the seagulls are overhead! An hilarious comedy with loads of scope for innovative direction.

Intro and outro music are supplied on CD.

This play can also be performed as two self contained one act plays under the titles " The Boyle Family at home" ( 40mins. ) and " The Boyle Family Holiday " ( 50 mins. )



Scenes from a recent production of the Boyle family