Mack`s Place by Brian Langtry


Mack`s Place is a cafe now bypassed by a new road and is slowly dying on its feet. The cafe landlord, Mr.Grabber, has eyes on the property with a lucrative new out of town shopping centre development in mind.

Mack`s daughter, Suzie, her lover Jimmie and her friends come up with the idea of attracting a new young clientele and hosting weekly music sessions. To start the ball rolling they form their own band.
A stranger, Nomad, arrives. He is enigmatic, distant and appearas to have dark and mysterious powers. He appears to be able to predict and, more worryingly, amend the future. He sees a way to help the Cafe survive and prosper but, inevitably, there is a price. The payback is that Suzie must leave family and friends and journey with Nomad to unknown places.
Who is Nomad and where has he come from? Where is he intent on taking Suzie and will she go? What of her love for Jimmie?
Ultimately the regular performances are a triumph and Mack`s Place is renamed 'Cafe Rock' as new faces flock to the latest 'hot spot'.

Mack's Place is a musical play set in the 1950's for 5 people , 3 male and 2 female with opportunities for extra cast in dance scenes. The work lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes. There is great scope for innovative staging and effects. Appropriate songs are suggested but they can be substituted.


Mack's Place can also be performed as a musical.



Second Spot by Brian Langtry and Ron Burns



This is the incredibly funny story of a club comedian, Charlie Morris, who dies in the middle of his stage act. Charlie has the good sense to make a spiritual return to Earth to 'clear up' a few loose ends. As well as tearing at the heart strings this wildly amusing comedy is filled with priceless, witty dialogue and side splitting visual humour as Charlie seeks to ensure that his wife and daughter remain well looked after.

The work can either be performed as a straight play or as a play with music.


Professionally recorded backing tracks can be provided on CD or mini disc which removes the need for live musicians and allows companies with little relevant experience to try something new. Both versions have a running time of 1 hour 45 minutes.
This is comedy/ musical comedy
for 2 women and 6 men, assuming doubling or 3 women and 10 men if not. There are some male parts that can be changed to female if this is required.
There are 11 songs in the full musical version; these could be reduced to 8 if a two vocalist version is preferred ( the full version requires 1 male and 2 female singers). The majority of the songs are sung by the leading male, Charlie and the leading female, Elsie.



Are the Sprouts Organic? by Mike Talbot


A comedy brimming with the `peculiarities and nuances` of family life which we all readily recognise and identify with. Although set on Christmas Eve the play should not be viewed `solely` as a festive season production and is equally entertaining when placed within Spring, Summer or Autumn schedules.

The plot is littered with frayed tempers, unexpected visitors, strange neighbours, bizarre plans and unanticipated consequences and is more than liberally sprinkled with humour and poignancy. Such ingredients ensure that performances will please, challenge and reward in abundance- enjoy!


Mike Talbot is a native of Hampshire with a long involvement in acting, directing and writing.



The Pheasant Pluckers Arms by Sam Sterling


A Comedy for 4 men and 1 women or doubling or plus 2 men and 3 women. Running Time is Act 1 1 hour, Act 2 50 mins.


The village pub comes under threat of redevelopment. The horrified regulars hatch a plan to spike the guns of the local squire whom they believe to be behind the plot. A new barmaid quickly wins the favour of our earlier imbibers but gives away little in respect of her background or of any future plans which she is indeed hatching.Of course it all turns out right in the end.

This hilarious comedy abounds with verbal and visual mayhem and striking moments of poignancy and offers very strong roles for all parts.




Fur Elise


A black comedy in Two Acts by:


Tim Kenny


The set is a living room in a middle class house


Elise is dead and is lying in the funeral home awaiting cremation. Edmund, the gay embalmer of the funeral home is a tennant in the basement of the house in which Elise lived with her husband, Dennis. Two weeks before she died, Elise won the premium bonds. Edmund proposes that he and Dennis should go on a cruise to`cheer him up`. But things are not what they seem. Fortunes bring many skeletons out of the closet, not least of which are those who know something of Dennis` violent past. There have also been two local murders in which Dennis could be implicated. And then there`s Alma, the beautician across the street, who has taken a strong fancy to Dennis. In the chaos of blackmail and skulduggery, the question remains: was Elise killed for her money?


A very funny play with some adult humour and ghoulish references about embalming. ` Fur Elise ` is for 5 men and 3 women but one male part, a vicar, can be played by a woman.



Late Development by Leon Pepall



A comedic farce for 3 men and 3 women plus 1 male playing age 18-25 and 1 woman playing age 18-25


The Christmas Spirit is often the first to leave at Yuletide gatherings, and so it is at the festivities of George and Candice and their son, Jeremy.

Having invited Jenny and Chris and their daughter Jemima, to Christmas dinner they eagerly look forward to a couple of days of happy reminiscences, made more pleasant by good food and wine. The barely concealed animosity between Jeremy and Jemima is a minor inconvenience and all in all the evening, and the meal are a great success, made all the more enjoyable by games, gifts and an over indulgence in the spirits of Christmas.

Boxing Day however takes on a darker hue when Jeremy uncovers a set of photographic prints and shows them to Jemima. The prints clearly show that their parent`s salad days were not as they were led to believe and that their morals were, at the very least, questionable,

The can of worms is well and truly kicked over when Jemima questions her mother about the photographs and more dark secrets are revealed. A battle royal ensues with the children taking the authoritative role and the parents ducking and diving in defence.

Late Development is a light comedy, turning darker and ending in hilarious farce. It is a play suitable for most companies and is an ideal Christmas production.